Backorder or Out Of Stock Designations

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Please Note: Our Web Support Team has added an "In stock notification" hyperlink to each out-of-stock item listing. You are now able to sign up to be notified when the item is in stock. Look for this hyperlink near the pricing of any item you see that is not available. 


There are two types of designations for items that are not currently available: 

  1. Backorder: This item is not currently available to ship, however, it is due in our warehouse in the next 30-60 days and available to backorder (can also be called pre-order). There is a date assigned to these and is listed on the website. This is the only date we have currently available. 
  2. Out of stock: This item is not currently available to ship. It has been ordered with our factory and is currently in production. We do not have an estimated date for this item's arrival on our website or via customer support channels. 

Note: If there are item pages that list multiple items or combinations, the system will limit the selection of out-of-stock items. You will not be able to choose the combination if it is not available. 

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